Dark and Light Elves


This is the current progress on the next version of the mod. Only completed items have been listed. They have been split into three main categories - Fixes, Changes and Additions. Last updated February 26, 2005.


  1. Fixed QFF freeze or fist-waving-default when running weapon casting attacks (tries to access the QFF anim index from the chore_magic block, rather than chore_attack)
  2. Fixed issue with attack animation override values not being refreshed when weapons change or are unequipped
  3. Elfgirl hero-types spawned with the +party command should no longer appear with the farmgirl head
  4. Should fix the occasional charge usage count desynchronization (added check for the successful execution of the casting operation before deducting from the charge count)
  5. Should fix the occasional NPE in job_cast after a long duration of spellcasting gauntlet chained castings
  6. Optimized attack and fidget animation override code (the old code didn't synchronize well in multiplayer)
  7. Fixed various multiplayer issues with auras
  8. Fixed multiplayer joins crashing the host's game for various reasons
  9. Fixed issues with using auras in Legends of Aranna spellbooks that have spell cost modifiers
  10. Fixed truncated head mesh when wearing crown texture variants of type90 (which is used for an assortment of LoA helmets including the Mac Daddy Cap and crowns)
  11. Fixed the logging of ghost timer changes
  12. Fixed issue with console command /give only working for template names and not pcontent string parameters
  13. Fixed issue with spellcasting gauntlets blocking the glove slot for the entire multiplayer game session if the MP character entered a game with the spellcasting gauntlets already equipped
  14. Eliminated equip slot blocking delay that allowed players to place regular gloves in the glove equip slot before blocking took effect (which sometimes resulted in a game crash)
  15. Fixed the visible seam lines at base of wrist when using bracer textures with transparency at the base of the wrists
  16. Fixed "selected map not found" error message when trying to start a new MP/SP game after exiting from another game
  17. Fixed a few minor visual glitches with a couple of the short dress textures
  18. Automatically unequips items that are "Elf Only" when spawned equipped on non-elven NPCs
  19. Fixed charge count restoration from character save in multiplayer games
  20. Fixed loading of alternate casting animations for weapon casting
  21. Fixed neck shearing inherited from the farmgirl's fs5 at-03 animation
  22. Fixed hand placement in the fs0 dsf-02 animation
  23. Updated armor type 8 to use the most recent armor type 6 mesh
  24. Corrected the bonus from the experience-adding scroll in the "Return to Arhok" map
  25. Fixed /gold command functionality in retail clients
  26. Fixed icon/texture mismatch issues with the new footwear
  27. Fixed icon/texture mismatch issues with the dresses
  28. Spell gauntlets no longer appear in two different store tabs (now they only appear in the Weapons tab)


  1. Spellcasting weapons, both melee and ranged where applicable, can target terrain when using Force Attack (default hotkey: 'A')
  2. Aura of Regeneration (formerly known as Aura of Rejuvenation) additionally increases charge regeneration rate
  3. Aura effects are now based on their own (independent) skill levels, which you can choose to increase (or not) once your character reaches certain cumulative levels
  4. Aura gold value has been reduced from 5000 to 1, so new/starting characters cannot use them for some "quick cash"
  5. Multiple use rejuvenation potions can be bought in stores
  6. Console command /party code now handles the case of failed party additions, and has been expanded to include delete functionality. It has also been changed to a command pair: +party template_name and -party template_name
  7. The elfgirl no longer appears in the character creation menu when the CREATE file is not loaded, but the new default CREATE file has been altered to be a bit more mod-friendly (other character types may appear in the menu now)
  8. The elfgirl starts with normal 10 str, 10 dex, 10 int attributes which should prevent some issues arising from starting with attributes below 10. Elves gain str a bit slower and dex a bit faster. The other differences - slightly faster mana regeneration, slightly slower health regeneration - will still be in effect.
  9. Instead of overriding the main menu ui, the test panel is now a UI view, accessible with the +ui test_panel console command (this change was made to avoid conflict with the Revived mp quest save UI alteration, which also attempted to override the main menu UI)
  10. Dulled down the shiny areas of dark elf face #1
  11. Incorporated automated-behavior adjustments from Legends of Utrae
  12. The subanim override system can now override ranged attacks, and can be used be used for various types of ranged attacks, from thrown weapons to guns.
  13. All spellcasting gauntlets recharge by default (1 charge every 20 seconds), with the recharge delay decreased significantly when using a mana shrine, and decreased moderately when affected by Aura of Regeneration
  14. Helmet Type 90 now appears appropriately for hairstyles #1 and #2
  15. Charged items can now have a base/minimum value, which is its gold value when there are 0 charges remaining
  16. Ikkyo's dsdll will be included with the Core distribution, but usage is optional


  1. Additional Casting Weapon Type: wands
  2. Additional console command: /tutorial (toggle between enabling or disabling tutorial popups without using the game options menu)
  3. Additional console command: /fps (toggle between enabling or disabling framerate display without using the game options menu)
  4. Additional console command pair: +ui ui_view_name and -ui ui_view_name, which loads and unloads a UI interface of the specified ui_view_name respectively
  5. Additional view name option for the +UI command: xp_table, which lists all the experience levels and experience required for each level, works with modded level cap changes
  6. Additional view name option for the +UI command: xp_status, lists all attributes and skills, current experience totals, level bonuses, experience required to level up, and experience remaining to the next level for the currently selected party member (requires Ikkyo's dsdll)
  7. Additional view name option for the +UI command: test_items
  8. Console command help UI which is accessible from the new ? button next to the chat bar, and lists the available console commands, with explanations, in-game (double-click a command option to automatically paste it into the chat bar)
  9. Additional console command pair: +boost and -boost, which allows and disallows potion boosting (i.e., toggles the potion modifier filters and off and on, host only, off by default), setting changes are saved across hosted MP game sessions
  10. Aura of Might
  11. Additional Body Armor: A2B (santa dress)
  12. Additional Bracer Texture: Cloth Bands
  13. Additional Gauntlet: Short Gloves
  14. Additional Helmet: Santa Hat
  15. Additional Helmet: Hood
  16. Added a skrit-based set item management system with improved equip detection buffering
  17. Throwing javelins with accompanying animation set and sounds (Physical, i.e. receives damage bonus by from and dex)
  18. Throwing snowball with accompany animation set and sounds (Physical, i.e. receives damage bonus from str and dex)