Dark and Light Elves

Known Issues

The following are issues confirmed for the current version of the mod only. It's possible that an issue from a previous beta version has not yet been fixed, and those will also be on this list. The changelog, which is included in the main download distribution, lists the issues that were fixed in previous versions.

You can report problems to me via email, forum private message, or public forum post in the project thread. Please try to include as much information about the problem as you can, such as:

  • explaining how you produced the problem
  • if applicable, what other mods were active when the problem occurred
  • if applicable, what other actions in the game your character(s) were performing immediately prior to the problem
  • if applicable, what you expected to happen if the problem hadn't occurred
Basically what I am trying to get out of all this is information on reproducing the problem so that I can obtain additional diagnostic information and test possible solutions in a controlled environment.

I will assume that you are using the current version of this mod, with all available patches, so if you aren't sure that is the case, check the Download page to be sure.


High priority issues are critical problems that fixes/patches are usually released for ASAP.
  1. [Fixed in beta 1, patch #1] NPCs and monsters that don't have a minimum of 2 fidget animations freeze when first attempting to fidgeting.
  2. [Fixed in beta 1, patch #2] Buff spells are deleted from a character's spellbook if an aura has ever been placed in an active spellbook for that character
  3. International versions of Dungeon Siege may crash with this mod enabled. It is unclear as to what is causing this problem.


If a large number of medium priority issues are fixed between beta versions, patches may be released to distribute them. Otherwise, these are problems that are probably going to be addressed by the next beta version release.
  1. [Fixed in beta 1, patch #2] Some Leg (Thigh) boot icons and textures are mismatched or misnamed.
  2. [Fixed in beta 1, patch #2] The unique attribute of calf boots prevent them from spawning in store inventories.
  3. [Fixed in beta 1, patch #2] Leg (Thigh) boots are equippable with Armor Type 5.
  4. Some calf boot icons and textures are mismatched or misnamed.
  5. The TEST addon conflicts with Dungeon Siege Revived's MP quest saving/resetting by overriding the same UI file (ui/interfaces/multiplayer/in_game_menu.gas).
  6. The /gold command from the TEST addon doesn't work in the retail clients.
  7. NPCs that start with pcontent generated equipment may end up equipping items that are Elf Only, which they normally would not be able to use.
  8. Knee Boots and Legs do not have any in-game description explaining that they have armor type equip limitations.
  9. Spellcasting gauntlets appear in both the armor and weapon tabs at a store.
  10. Spellcasting gauntlets don't appear at appropriate character levels in stores (no pcontent designation).
  11. Elf only boots are not distributed at appropriate character levels in stores (low pcontent designation).
  12. DSMod-based party transfers in single player cause an exception.
  13. A8 uses an older copy of the A6 mesh.
  14. The Return to Arhok (LoA Bonus Pack) map contains some experience increasing code that causes strength to bottom out.
  15. In the dsf-02 (chatting) animation, the hands don't reach the hips when the elfgirl is supposed to place her hands on her hips.
  16. When starting a new multiplayer game session using a character with spellcasting gauntlets equipped, the glove slot remains blocked for the rest of the game session.
  17. Charges are not saved properly across multiplayer game sessions.
  18. Dress style 208 has an incorrect texture and armor type designation.
  19. Casting AI doesn't detect casting animations when casting from weapons (wrong stance), so it always picks the default casting animation.
  20. Some dresses have unbalanced equip requirements.
  21. Calf boots don't spawn with modifiers.


Either these are minor problems that don't normally affect ability to play the game with the mod, or they are problems that I am not going to fix soon, for whatever reason (probably because I either don't have a solution for it yet or I haven't had time to troubleshoot it yet, not because it is unimportant).
  1. Multiple-use rejuvenation potions can be used to refill mana potions, and that results in a lower mana restoration value in subsequent uses.
  2. Spellcasting gauntlets do magic damage in the damage range specified for the spell charge when performing hand-to-hand combat
  3. When using a melee quick fighting fidget or, in general, fidget range overrides (not sure which at the moment), a character will, in some yet to be defined cases, pause more often and attack more slowly.
  4. Aura SFX doesn't display properly with monster player characters.
  5. The CORE resource file "sort of" conflicts with the Goblin Player Character mod by overriding world/global/armor_lookup.gas with a different body armor to boot and glove mapping for A8 (a8 = b,b instead of the the Legends of Aranna value: a8 = a,a).
  6. A few extreme twisting animations cause the legs and/or feet to briefly extrude through the skirt of the floor length dress or robe.
  7. Item and character attributes aren't balanced.