Dark and Light Elves


The current mod version is v3.0 final.

Core Distribution (Full Download)

If you have a beta release installed, delete that before using this version. But before you do even that, read the readme section on Compatibility. There is an important note about compatibility with beta savegames you should be aware of.

  • Dark_Light_Elves_v3.zip
    • Filesize: 20,057,767 bytes (19.1 MB)
    • Changelog: changelog.txt
    • CRC32 Checksum: e32cec57
    • MD5 Checksum: 3fd266873a8f156848f1c6a04ac66e72
    • SHA1 Checksum: 1d13059154d2ffe0b340dd065b0126ac2f422d4b