Dark and Light Elves

Spellcasting Gauntlets

Spellcasting gauntlets carry charges of offensive spells that allow you to cast them at a fixed magic level (i.e., the magic level is not based on your corresponding magic skill) for no mana cost. Spell discharge is not affected by spellcasting suppressors (e.g. Aura of Suppression).

These special gloves are placed in the weapon slot. When equipped, the gloves will ignite with the force of the bound spells. Once the gloves have been fully discharged, they can still give you some magical edge in hand-to-hand combat.

To recharge spellcasting gauntlets, sell them to a shopkeeper and then buy them back. Currently, each charge costs from 20 to 25% of the cost of the corresponding spell.

The equip level is the minimum magic level required to place the gauntlet in the melee weapon slot. When you cast, the damage and other effects are scaled as a spell at the listed cast level. So, for example, Fireball gauntlets that you can begin using at combat magic level 12 will cast level 20 fireballs, regardless of what combat magic level your character currently possesses.

Gauntlets of Fire

  • Fireball (equip min: 12, cast level: 20)
  • Fireball (equip min: 35, cast level: 45)
  • Pillar of Fire (equip min: 70, cast level: 88)

Gauntlets of Lightning

  • Spark (equip min: 0, cast level: 6)
  • Chain Lightning (equip min: 43, cast level: 60)
  • Chain Lightning (equip min: 60, cast level: 82)
  • Lightning Storm (equip min: 85, cast level: 120)

Gauntlets of Ice

  • Icefury (equip min: 35, cast level: 54)
  • Icefury (equip min: 52, cast level: 78)
  • Freeze (equip min: 48, cast level: 69)
  • Ice Storm (equip min: 66, cast level: 95)

Gauntlets of Dissolution

  • Kill (equip min: 89, cast level: 120)
  • Implosion (equip min: 80, cast level: 110)
  • Incinerate (equip min: 70, cast level: 90)
  • Pestilence Cloud (equip min: 78, cast level: 110)