Dark and Light Elves

Claw Gauntlets

Claw gauntlets afford good protection for the hands and greatly enhance the wearer's deadliness in hand-to-hand combat. However, the length of the claw blades often encumber the wearer when wielding two-handed weapons and short-reach blades.

This translates to...

  1. high defense
  2. damage bonus when attacking unarmed
  3. different attack styles when attacking unencumbered (aside from the usual punching)
  4. both ranged and melee accuracy penalty while wearing claw gauntlets when armed with two-handed weapons and melee weapons that are shorter than 3 units high

Claw gauntlets are equipped in the glove slot. They will be added to the game in beta 2, but a test version (just as a regular pair of gloves/just for looks) is already available in beta 1 through the test panel.

In-Game Screenshots