Dark and Light Elves

Christmas Set

The complete Christmas set contains the following five items, and is only equippable by the elfgirl. The red or the green items can be mixed or matched to obtain partial and complete set equip bonuses (Compatible with both Dungeon Siege v1.1 and Legends of Aranna).

Red Version Green Version

Santa Hat (Helmet)
Polygon Count: 130 faces
Texture: 1 64x64 skin
Santa Dress (Body Armor)
Equipped Polygon Count: 976 faces (head not counted)
Ground Model Polygon Count: 508 faces
Texture: 1 256x256 skin
Black Knee Boots (Footwear)
Polygon Count: 212 faces
Texture: 1 64x128 skin
White Gloves (Gauntlets)
Polygon Count: 198 faces
Texture: 1 64x128 skin
Magic Snowball (Ranged Weapon)
Polygon Count: 20 faces
Texture: 1 64x64 skin

This snowball won't melt, but it will go splat if you hit someone with it. Furthermore, as soon as you throw it, another one will materialize in your hand, ready for the next throw. Enhanced by a show of Christmas cheer, these little magic snowballs will strive harder to knock senseless the enemies that they hit.

  • 35% chance to stun for 1.5 seconds (1 item)
  • 50% chance to stun for 2 seconds (3 items)
  • 75% chance to stun for 2.5 seconds (5 items)

General Set Bonuses


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