Dark and Light Elves

Character (Hero) Creation Menu Hack

The creation menu hack introduces scripting that transparently manages templates by groups of head, gender and race. Texture changes are synchronized across each group to convey the illusion that the player is configuring one template instead of a group of templates. Requires a great deal of selection symmetry to work, as it is not possible to determine the current selection choices...

Using it is pretty straightforward. Click the...

  • Race button to switch between Dark and Light elves.
  • Gender button to switch between elfgirl and elfboy selections (no elfboy for the first release, so this button has been disabled)
  • Head button to change hairstyle.
  • Hair button to change hair color.
  • Skin button to change face skin with its corresponding body color.
  • Clothes button to select the default clothing for your character.
It is important to remove any other character creation or custom player character mods while you have the CREATE resource file to create a new elf character. The character creation menu scripting is synchronized and optimized with the assumption that there are 6 elfgirl hero character option sets.

Single Player