Dark and Light Elves

Item Charges

The charge system is a generic-use component that counts item uses, how ever that is defined, in world event notification terms. It will manage updating usage count in the item name, and save the usage value across multiplayer game sessions (through gold value).

The charge component is not dependent on any other systems or files, but other systems can be dependent on charges.

Other optional features of the charge component:

  • initialize with a random number of charges (specifiable min-max)
  • replenishable by automatic recharge (specifiable rate)
  • replenishable by spending gold at a store
  • replenishable by special event (message notification)
  • delete its owner Go when the last charge is used
  • send notification messages to self upon certain charge states (zero charges, one charge, fully charged)

Certain items in the mod implement the charge component, namely:

  • rejuvenation potions
  • spellcasting gauntlets
The number of charges remaining on an item is indicated in the name of the item. For example, Small Rejuvenation Potion (3/5) means that there are 3 more uses left out of 5 total. The current purchase cost/sell value depends on the number of charges left on the item. Charges can be replenished by selling the item to a shopkeeper and then buying it back.


Origin Ramblings

I got the idea of using gold value to store charge count in multiplayer character saves from Shulsocrath during in an IRC conversation we had a while back.