Dark and Light Elves

Armor Type 7B

Armor 7B "Off Shoulder, Floor Length Dress" Model
Count: 1070 faces (head not counted), 400 (ground model)
Textures: 1 256x256 skin

Rather than import the farmgirl robe mesh and adapt it to the elfgirl base body model, I started all my armor meshes from the elfgirl base body model. Armor B2 started out as an early prototype of the robe model. I completed the dress later as a separate armor type. The center slit in the floor length dress is lower than the one for the robe model, and that made it more difficult to weigh (preventing collisions with the legs when animating and keen the skirt from ballooning as though it were supported by petticoats).

The model is texture mapped for use with the robe (A7) textures from Dungeon Siege, Legends of Aranna, and Yesterhaven. I've made icons for 20 of these textures, in addition to a ground model, to make it usable as an in-game armor type. The textures are numbered according to their A7 filenames. Players will not need to have Legends of Aranna or Yesterhaven installed to wear dresses that use any of the selected textures.


7B Textured Models (Part 1)









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