Dark and Light Elves

Armor Type 9

Armor 9 Model
Count: 1032 faces (head not counted)
Textures: 1 256x256 skin

Rather than import the farmgirl armor meshes and adapt it to the elfgirl body, I started all my armor meshes from the elfgirl base body model.

Someone is bound to ask "what's the difference between this and the farmgirl?" So here is a side by side comparison of the elfgirl (left) and the farmgirl (right), wearing the same armor. The elfgirl's A6 looks a little slimmer, has a boatneck opening, cap and pointed arm sleeves, side openings, smaller double shoulder guards, some texture mapping changes (i.e., the shoulder guards and pants hip-crotch are mapped to different areas of the texture, the leg spikes are mapped to a larger portion of the spike texture area and repeat/overlap in order to minimize stretching).

Elfgirl A9 Farmgirl A9

In-Game Screenshots

Some A9 Textured Model Images