Dark and Light Elves

Armor Type 7

Armor 7 "Robe" Model
Count: 1166 faces (head not counted)
Textures: 1 256x256 skin

Rather than import the farmgirl robe mesh and adapt it to the elfgirl base body model, I started all my armor meshes from the elfgirl base body model. This way, I could achieve a more flattering fit, at the cost of having to texture map the model from scratch with the existing Dungeon Siege textures. To make the development process a little more challenging/interesting, I opened the skirt and added visible underside surfaces to both the skirt and sleeves. Weighing the skirt without additional boning was also a bit difficult, but I managed to weigh it so that the skirt doesn't shear or fly out in odd directions when leg bone positions change drastically (e.g., when running).

Because I opened the skirt, the robe outfit also sports cropped pants (otherwise the robe would inappropriately resemble a dress). An advantage of having an open skirt is that it shows off the entirety of his/her equipped boots. If you're including new boot styles (as I have for this mod), this might make robes a more attractive equipment option than before...

Someone is bound to ask "what's the difference between this and the farmgirl?" So here is a side by side comparison of the elfgirl (left) and the farmgirl (right), wearing the same armor.

Elfgirl RobeFarmgirl Robe

In-Game Screenshots