Dark and Light Elves

Armor Type 3

Armor 3 Model
Count: 956 faces (head not counted)
Textures: 1 256x256 skin

Rather than import the farmgirl armor meshes and adapt it to the elfgirl body, I started all my armor meshes from the elfgirl base body model.

In-Game Screenshots
Someone is bound to ask "what's the difference between this and the farmgirl?" So here is a side by side comparison of the elfgirl (left) and the farmgirl (right), wearing the same armor. The elfgirl's A3 looks a little slimmer, has armor separated into two pieces (cropped top and low-waist skirt), u-neck, smaller shoulder pads, short sleeves with slightly flared openings, pointed skirt front and rounded skirt back (to better fit the Dungeon Siege A3 textures) and no pants.

Elfgirl A3 Farmgirl A3

Some A3 Textured Model Images