Dark and Light Elves

March 7, 2005

A new version of the Dark and Light Elves v3.0 is now available in the Download section!

For those who don't know what this Dungeon Siege mod is all about, Dark and Light Elves v3.0 adds two new characters to the game, a female dark elf and a female light elf, with a complete set of new meshes for all the body/armor types, equippables, and even a slew of new items specifically made for them (boots, dresses, gloves, headwear, etc.). Your character has a variety of appearance combination options.

Also, not content to simply add several hundred items to the game, I created many scripted features, such as party-friendly Auras, Multiple-Use Rejuvenation potions, Knockback weapons, Spellcasting weapons, Auto-Scaling weapons, new informational windows, additional console commands, and more.

If you've played the beta, then you can find a list of the changes from the last beta version in the changelog.txt file included in the download, or visit the Progress page. If you want the lowdown before you burn the bandwidth, here is the so-condensed-that-it-doesn't-really-do-it-justice rendition:

  • lots of bugfixes
  • multiplayer compatibility
  • better mod compatibility
  • additional items with better randomization distribution
  • additional scripted features
If you've played a beta version and are unsure of how to update, you should read the Overview/Readme section on Compatibility. There is an important note about compatibility with beta savegames you should be aware of.

Now, I would like to take this moment to formally state that this is the final version of this mod. There are a few issues remaining with this version, but I've already spent a huge amount of time working on this update, and it's finally time for me to move on to other things.

Anyway, enjoy the mod, and thanks for your interest!

February 25, 2004

I'm currently testing a release candidate and fixing any issues that arise for the upcoming version of the Dark and Light elves mod. Unlike the beta versions, this release has gotten a bit of MP testing, and includes a number of fixes for previously reported multiplayer issues. It should be released soon, if no serious issues are discovered (none so far).

The Progress page includes the information about what to expect in this upcoming release. The mod will have some things added, and other things removed (due to time constraints).

February 3, 2004

Been a while since the last update, and someone asked about my progress with the mod update, so I compiled a Progress page for those interested in the currently completed elements in my changelog.

Also updated is the Legends of Aranna Helmets page (shows the fixed helmet type90), the New Helmets page (shows the Santa Hat and Hood), and the New Gloves page (shows the Short Gloves).

January 2, 2004

The Christmas set has its own page now. To get the snowball weapon working, I added support for ranged attack animation overrides to the animation selection code (you'll get to see this in the next release). Also added in three animations for thrown weapons to make snowball throwing look a bit more like...well, throwing.

Certain equip-related scripts are getting an overhaul at this point, and that should ultimately fix a number of equip-related bugs.

I've also revived my set equip bonuses system and applied a fresh coat of paint so that I can make set items that are compatible with both DS v1.1 and Legends of Aranna. More about that possibly later.

December 25, 2004

Happy Holidays

Due to my dislike of releasing addons that have to be patched to work with the next mod update, the Santa sets addon will not be released. We'll see if it makes it into the final version of the mod instead.

December 14, 2004

Just wanted to mention that I have been busy with finals, and I have to finish that up (end of this week) before finishing beta 2, which will also be the final version of this mod.

The Auras page has been updated with a screenshot of a prototype for Aura of Might visuals. A couple of slightly larger screenshots of the aura have also been posted in the Project Thread.

The next release will include a bunch of fixes to address the problems listed in the Known Issues page. Thus far, I've done some work on...

  • adding a wand casting animation
  • fixing fs5 at-03 animation
  • fixing fs0 dsf-02 animation (Because of the elfgirl's narrow waist, her hands didn't reach her hips when imitating the farmgirl "chat" movement. Kinky. Well now her hands do.)
  • removing spell gauntlets from the Armor tab in stores (They should then exclusively appear in the Weapons tab. There's a whole lotta problems with trying to put it in the Magic tab, if you were wondering why I didn't do that.)
  • armor type 8 uses the updated armor type 6 mesh
  • fixing a7b garment 208 (mismatched armor style and type)
  • fixing experience-adding scroll problem in the "Return to Arhok" map (For the record, the problem was not caused by the Dark and Light elves mod; A certain Dungeon Siege function behaves differently when a character's stat(s) start at a value lower than 10.)
  • fixing the weapon casting system (job_cast) to load alternate casting animations correctly (eAnimStance automatically changes from a weapon stance to fs0/fists when jat_cast is called)
  • fixing the /gold console command (It even does integer boundary checking now, and will check for successful execution instead of just assuming that it executed successfully.)
  • fixing charge count saving in multiplayer (It actually works now.)

December 5, 2004

Added a few more entries to the Known Issues page. Thanks to niceguy, and TheTantrum for reporting these!

Lokiswaq mentioned that he plans to release a new version of his BufUI mod soon, and this one will be usable in singleplayer games started with the Dark and Light Elves mod.

November 29, 2004

I've uploaded the missing animation selection skrits (mentioned in the Scripts > Animation Overrides page), and the game console interface templates (mentioned in the Scripts > Console Commands page).

Also, the Known Issues page has received an update. Thanks to Charietto, iryan, niceguy, and TheTantrum for reporting these!

November 28, 2004

Welcome to the new project site!

The project summary, which is the bulk of the site, should be fairly up to date now. Fixed issues have been removed from the Known Issues list and new ones have been added to fill the void.

I've expanded the Scripts (formerly known as Scripted Features) section with some of the things that were added for beta 1. A few of the script pages have how-to explanations, which is mostly for my benefit (should I ever forget everything), but could be a benefit for anyone who simply wants to know more about the scripts.

Claw Gauntlets now have their own page in the Weapons section with some description explaining some equip caveats. The gauntlets are still a work in progress, and so is the page.